Robin Twelftree has been DJing, writing and recording music worldwide over the last 12 years. He runs the ‘Hot Piroski’ record label and promotes HotP. club nights in Barcelona and London.

Robin has DJed @ Fabric, Secret Garden, Ministry of Sound, Bugged Out & Tour support DJ for the Prodigy, he’s DJ'd at festivals in Australia, U.S., China, South America and all over Europe. He runs 12tree recording studios, which has recently relocated to Barcelona.

Robin is currently working with long-time collaborator Phil Mison, co-producing his last 4 albums, and is the other half of Balearic hipsters 'Bubble Club' who released several EP’s on International Feel.

Under his belt Robin also has recent collaborations with Ghetto Bardot on vocals as 'Babywolf' saw them headline the Greenpeace stage at Glastonbury festival in 2015.
He’s a founder member of The Backstage Sluts, & one half of FingerLickin' Electro act 'SLYDE' and has mixed records with Stanton Warriors, Jose Padilla, Pete Herbert, Richard Fearless, Visage, Keith Flint, Payfone Disco, Sunday Best, and many more..

Robin’s label Hot Piroski releases exclusive 12Tree tracks, and has its first vinyl releases in Autumn 2018. Starting with Hot Piroski Sampler 1 - A mix of Afro classic reworks and a deep disco track featuring Mr S. Wonder.

Later in 2018 will see the first vinyl E.P. of a four E.P. series of Robins current works and collaborations.



Bookings (Berlin): bookings@sawtoothartists.com

Soundcloud: @hotpiroski

Instagram: @hot_piroski

Website: https://www.hotpiroski.com/