As an experienced veteran of several VC backed startups in New York, London and Berlin, Kevin knows what it means to take  a great product and grow that into a scale business.


In 2017, after 10 years of working successful startups in London (onefinestay, Klevio) and New York (Tictail, Common)  he moved to Berlin to be closer to the electronic music scene he loved and to follow his passion of working with and being around musicians. A music producer/DJ himself under the name “Fermweh” Kevin soon realized that he real passion was for helping other musicians realize their dreams.


It is clear that the music industry has changed. Releasing tracks and having them picked up by a label was no longer the be all and end all of an artists career, an artist in 2018 needs to be a social media manager, business manager, entrepreneur, label boss, performer and financial planner as well as creating their art. This seemed like an almost impossible task, and Kevin watched talented artists getting bogged down in these  non-creative activities and he wanted to help.

So that’s why we created this agency, to take care of all that stuff by giving you access to some of the best operational  business talent around, and allowing you to get on with being the best artist you can be.