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As an experienced veteran of several VC backed startups in New York, London and Berlin, Kevin knows what it means to take  a great product and grow that into a scale business.


In 2017, after 10 years of working successful startups in London (onefinestay, Klevio) and New York (Tictail, Common)  he moved to Berlin to be closer to the electronic music scene he loved and to follow his passion of working with and being around musicians. A music producer/DJ himself under the name “Fermweh” Kevin soon realized that he real passion was for helping other musicians realize their dreams.


It is clear that the music industry has changed. Releasing tracks and having them picked up by a label was no longer the be all and end all of an artists career, an artist in 2018 needs to be a social media manager, business manager, entrepreneur, label boss, performer and financial planner as well as creating their art. This seemed like an almost impossible task, and Kevin watched talented artists getting bogged down in these  non-creative activities and he wanted to help.

So that’s why we created this agency, to take care of all that stuff by giving you access to some of the best operational  business talent around, and allowing you to get on with being the best artist you can be.


Artist Management Services


Spend your time playing shows, not chasing them.

Look the part

We help you figure out your visual identity and then support you in living it.

Copy done right

Let the Cambridge University educated, native English speaker take care of your written profile

Easy come, not so easy go

Financial planning is no joke, thankfully Kevin knows lots about it after years of working in fast-growing businesses. He can help you with budgeting and financial plans.


Likes + follows = fans

We help you run your social media, post regularly, and keep your fans engaged.

Contract Negotiations

We make sure you get a fair deal and you know when to walk away.

Tour Planning

  • Budgeting and financial planning

  • Venue booking

  • Logistics

  • Merchandise

  • Managing tech rider and technical requirements

Let the money chase you

We help you optimise your revenue channels and make sure you are getting compensated every time your song gets played via royalty collection agencies.

Grant Applications

We can write grant applications for you from any state cultural funds in your home country and in Germany.


Join a fast growing network of fans, artists and music professionals in London, New York, and Berlin.


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OUR Artists

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Stina francina

With an endless love for emotional, energetic and acidic techno, Stina is constantly curious to new influences. She's influenced by music from artists such as BloodyMary, Johanna Knutsson and Nur Jaber. She’s inspired by 90’s acid techno, IDM, and her tracks can be described as fast and thumping left-field techno with a cheeky attitude. In 2018, Stina has released a remix for techno duo Pindura, and her debut EP “Ways to Stray” is expected during the fall. She’s currently earning her second bachelor’s degree, this time in electronic music production at dBs Berlin, while still frequently getting booked for DJ gigs around Europe. Stina is also involved in different art exhibitions as a sound designer.

Check out Stina’s latest mix from Blysjön festival here

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Click on the image for more info


Emme’s music focuses on creating vast soundscapes and melodies inspired by her love for science fiction movies and books, with a scientific background in Astronomy, Carl Sagan, artificial intelligence and the deep connection between the vastness of space and our inside feelings and thoughts. Her music is meant to absorb the audience and create an inward journey where reality is perceived and transformed through sound.

Her latest live performances were at the Synthesizer Flohmarkt, Kreuzberg Art Festival and the launch of the clothing brand from Dandy Horse vintage shop.

Currently she is finishing the production of her upcoming album “Into The Darkness”, a sci-fi journey with collaborations from musicians and visual artists from Iceland, Argentina, United States, Germany, Costa Rica and Peru.

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Robin 12Tree has musical pedigree like no other, having been writing and producing music for the last 12 years. He has worked with such diverse artists as The EGG, Keith Flint, Moloko, SLYDE, Visage, Stanton Warriors and has remixed the likes of Moloko and Shirley Bassey.

Robin also DJs as 12Tree and as part of award winning dance act SLYDE. He plays a unique mix of Deep House, Afro Beat and Electro

Robin is based in Barcelona where he also runs the record label Hot Piroski

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Berlin based future:remnants makes emotional, dark techno inspired by the urban cityscapes of Berlin and London. Originally from Wolverhampton by way of London and New York,  his influences start at the UK Industrial and EBM scenes of the late nineties and early 2000s, with bands like Nine Inch Nails, Icon of Coil and Frontline Assembly leaving their mark on his sound.  More recently future:remnants tracks have been shaped and nurtured by the European and Detroit Techno scenes, with the records of Acronym, Isaac Reuben, David August, Max Cooper Richie Hawtin, Scuba and Carl Craig all leaving their own impressions.

Lo-fi analogue glitch and haunting melodies sit alongside driving techno rhythms to create something that should satisfy the most avid raver or beard stroking IDM fan. future:remnants’ music moves seamlessly between deep and melodic, and raw, hard, danceable jams. Kevin has recently done remixes for Icelandic DnB producer Ordlaus and has an EP “Vessels” inspired by the recorded sounds of Berlin due for release at the end 2018.


Work with US


If you are interested in working together please fill out the form below. Please try and include as much detail as you can including any social/soundcloud/website links. Tell me a bit about the kind of music you make, and what stage of your career you are at.

The first step will be a phone call (or face to face meeting if you are Berlin based) to chat about your goals and objectives and how we might be able to help.    

Describe your music - what do you sound like?
Please tell us anything else about your career to date, any releases, upcoming shows etc