Artist Management Services


Spend your time playing shows, not chasing them.

Look the part

We help you figure out your visual identity and then support you in living it.

Copy done right

Let the Cambridge University educated, native English speaker take care of your written profile

Easy come, not so easy go

Financial planning is no joke, thankfully Kevin knows lots about it after years of working in fast-growing businesses. He can help you with budgeting and financial plans.


Likes + follows = fans

We help you run your social media, post regularly, and keep your fans engaged.

Contract Negotiations

We make sure you get a fair deal and you know when to walk away.

Tour Planning

  • Budgeting and financial planning

  • Venue booking

  • Logistics

  • Merchandise

  • Managing tech rider and technical requirements

Let the money chase you

We help you optimise your revenue channels and make sure you are getting compensated every time your song gets played via royalty collection agencies.

Grant Applications

We can write grant applications for you from any state cultural funds in your home country and in Germany.


Join a fast growing network of fans, artists and music professionals in London, New York, and Berlin.