Stina francina


Stina Francina became absorbed by electronic music in her early teens. Being a true 90’s kid she discovered her favorite tracks through Swedish indie music TV shows and through soundtracks to video games. She was always recording tracks from radio shows and made mixtapes of them. The love for electronic music and the feeling that something was missing in her home town’s music scene pushed her to start DJing, and the second she started she became obsessed. She went to a studio provided by a DJ collective in Gothenburg everyday to practice, and quickly she got her own equipment, thinking that she’d sell it if she didn’t earn the money back in a year. Needless to say, she kept them around.

At the same time she started the club Klubb Zättigung together with some friends. They created a place to share their favourite electronic music in a space that was welcoming, playful and inclusive, with a strong sense of community. Klubb Zättigung was known for their massively generous amount of decorations and glitter, as well as providing the people in line to the club with coffee and cookies to make the wait more memorable than the average club-queue.Everyone at the club was a regular and everyone was best friends, that’s at least how it felt quickly after the bridge to the boat that housed the club opened. Stina was made one of the club’s resident DJs.

The demand for Stinas energetic and playful sets was immediately a fact and she was booked to play almost every weekend in Gothenburg. The endless hours of crate digging and listening to other people’s music inspired her to start producing on her own, picking up on music theory and composing skills she developed at an early age while learning to play the piano. She travelled around in Sweden and beyond in Europe to play DJ gigs while earning her first bachelor’s degree, in cognitive science. She’s still deeply involved in the club community and has worked with organising underground raves as well as being involved with bigger events such as the Swedish/German festival Secret Island Nation and Waking Life in Portugal.

In 2018, Stina released a remix for techno duo Pindura, and her debut EP “Ways to Stray” is expected during the fall.She’s currently earning her second bachelor’s degree, this time in electronic music production at dBs Berlin, while still frequently getting booked for DJ gigs around Europe. Stina is also involved in different art exhibitions as a sound designer. 



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